• Do you hesitate whether to keep your door open or closed?

  • Worried about who might be at the front door while you are out the back or vice versa?

  • Have small kids or pets you would like to keep safe from the road but give them a view  to the outside world

  • Or a stuffy house with no airflow or light?


It has been recorded that 85% of burglaries that occur in NZ are opportunistic. Burglars’ looking for open doors and windows are not looking to break and enter their way into your home, they are simply looking for a quick and easy way in to grab whatever presents itself. ie, your phone, your laptop, your purse, wallet or jewellery.

DORA doors is a new concept, a security door fitted outside of your front door that is not a fly screen, or a mesh that looks more suitable for a police van than on the threshold of your home!

A DORA door is a decorative screen designed to let in sunshine and air to your home and keep opportunist thieves out.

A DORA door can also be used to keep things in!  Dogs that are likely to wander, or young children that should not have access to the driveway or the street.

A DORA door is not a high security device, it is a low security screen designed to compliment your home and neighbourhood and keep your internal sanctuary light bright and airy.

A DORA door will give you the freedom to enjoy your house without feeling vulnerable to opportunists simply because you prefer to have your front door open.



Dear Tim and Michelle.   We are just loving our new Dora security door.  We can now enjoy the air flow which our open front door allows, but also know that our house and dog are secure.  The whole process from start to finish has been a pleasure and I am so happy my friend noticed your ad in the Viva magazine so that I found you.

Thank you Michelle for your efficient service and commitment to seeing the job through.  Thank you Tim for your wonderful designs and patience when dealing with my many questions.  We wish you all the very best with your growing business.  

Regards  Liz – Mt Eden