Do the doors come in a range of colours?2020-09-15T01:53:33+00:00

DORA doors are available in zinc plate.  Zinc starts off as a pleasant bright silver which softens down to silvery grey tone over time.

If you wish to have a colour more suited to your home we can powdercoat your DORAdoor.  Powdercoating finishes come in a range of colours so we are able to match your door to an existing exterior colour.  We can provide you with a link to Dulux powdercoating colours at the time of order or discuss on our site measure.

Will a Dora Door Fit in my Door Frame?2020-09-15T01:51:32+00:00

With our Buy Now doors, the door and its adjustable toggle hinge and strike plate are designed to fit inside or on the face of a standard timber door frame.  We have 2 size Buy Nows that will fit into 790-830mm aperture (Size B) and 830mm-850mm (Size C) our most common size.  Check out our BUY NOW tab to see what is currently available in stock.

We can also face mount on aluminium joinery if you do not have a timber frame.

What if I lose my Keys?2020-09-15T01:48:57+00:00

The door comes with 2 keys as standard. We can provide more keys at the time of purchase if required for a small extra cost.  We also provide a great service to key alike your Dora Design to your front door at $95.

Will you produce a Dora Door to my design?2020-09-07T04:16:06+00:00

Yes of course! Let us meet and discuss some options. One-off designs do incur an extra charge depending on design and complexity….  But we can discuss this as we thrash out your idea.  Bring in a sketch or email a drawing for us to start with.  Getting the process started will be a great step in the right direction.

Can I install a Dora Door myself?2020-09-15T01:48:11+00:00

Yes with a little confidence and a good drill.  But we can organise installation in your area for $150-$195 or if outside of Auckland (around the same price for Hire a Hubby or a DIY dude of that sort!)

Where are Dora Doors made?2020-09-15T01:47:24+00:00

Up until 2016, all our Dora Doors were proudly produced in New Zealand by Tim Ord. Since then we have our fabulous metalworker Bene toiling away in his workshop in Kamo, Whangarei now doing the bulk of our doors.  Tim works alongside Bene to produce more of our complex designs such as the Koru Swampweed and one off custom designs. You can find Tim in his workshop at Unit 3, 34 Galway Street, Onehunga (off Neilson St) Auckland.   Not always manned if you happen to drop in.  So DONT! We suggest you ring Michelle first 021 045 3347 to see if Tim is there and available to answer your questions :)

What kind of locks do you use?2020-09-15T03:27:30+00:00

We have two locks we use.  A simple sliding patio bolt (like a ranchslider bolt).  You can lock when required from both inside and out and its very useful with a busy family coming and going and not wanting to lock each time.

Our deadbolt is the most popular option.  A key is required to shut the deadbolt.  However we now have a magnet solution which allows the door to clunk shut without having to key each time.

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