Elegant and Adorable Security Doors


Have you been looking for something a little more exciting than a dull, old fashioned security screen?  Keep your sanctuary safe and secure with an adorable, affordable DORA door. Security doors with a little less ‘granny’ and a lot more panache!

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  • Happy Pets with a View

    Happy Pets with a View

  • Gold Lucy - Grey Lynn

    Gold Lucy - Grey Lynn

  • Grange Doggy Door

    Grange Doggy Door

  • Grange View Road

    Grange View Road

  • Custom Curls Ponsonby Terrace

    Custom Curls Ponsonby Terrace

  • Brian - Mangere

    Brian - Mangere

  • Swampweed Koru, Mt Eden

    Swampweed Koru, Mt Eden

  • houdini trying to escape

    houdini trying to escape

  • Craggy, Antique Steel, Sunnyhills

    Craggy, Antique Steel, Sunnyhills

  • Lucy Satin Black, Mt Eden

    Lucy Satin Black, Mt Eden

  • Koru Heart, Epsom

    Koru Heart, Epsom

Go about your business inside your home with freedom and security.  Let the air, light and sun shine in too.

There are many benefits for choosing to embark on a DORA Security Door Design – see for yourself by visiting our DESIGNS  or  GALLERY page to choose a style that suits you from any of our beautifully handcrafted security doors.

Walk through the world of DORA and make the ordinary seem extraordinary……