Our queue for Custom Made is large right now….Why not consider one of these buys. We have a number of doors in stock for immediate sale.  Some are workshop scuffed, some are perfect quality.  The price indicated under each door will reflect this.  If you need help with measuring your door frame and the obstacles to look out for please don’t hesitate to call.

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KORU HEARTS IN STOCK NOW!!!!!!Buy Now stockLOUISE AND LUCY IN STOCK NOW!!!!Grange Buy NowGRANGE Design – Black powder coat. Deadbolt with adjustable toggle.  

Will fit door measuring 830mm-880mm wide.

Over 1985mm high

enquire now for price

Mr Modern

MR MODERN – powder coated mid bronze, hinged left with patio bolt

 will fit door measuring 800mm-850mm wide

 minimum height of 1980mm

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enquire now for special price –

Craggy Buy Now


Craggy – semi gloss black.  Will fit door frame measuring width 820mm (within 3mm) and Height 1960mm or over.  Stainless hinges.

MACINTOSH SIZE B’s in stock now!!!

Classic simplicity this Macintosh design will fit door frames measuring 785mm-835mm wide.  Height over 1970mm.  Enquire here for special price,

Louise Buy NowLOUISE SIZE C- powdercoats in stock now.  $790

White/Black/Pewter – Door Frame Width 835mm-885mm IMG_0775 (1)

The gold zinc Louise above can be powdercoated to your own colour choice

Louise New LynnFROM $790 We still have a few of these in stock.  Best buy you will ever make.  Top quality coating, with a simple classic design.  The Louise design is powder coated. We can freight to your home within a day or two.  DIY install or can arrange this for you.  We have 3 sizes to fit most door frames with no handle obstruction.

NARROW DOOR FRAME SIZES A  between 735mm-785mmW plenty in stock

MEDIUM DOOR FRAME SIZES between 785mm-835mmW

WIDER DOOR FRAME SIZES between 835-885mmW


Swampweed Semi Black

Swampweed Black Semi Gloss Powdercoated Size C – $990
Awesome price for a BUY NOW – CANT WAIT- MUST HAVE!!  Has adjustable toggle and will fit a door frame measuring between: –

860mm-910mm wide

Extra Tall Craggy, Mairangi Bay - Graphite Ripple

CRAGGY powder coated Burnished copper

Just got the measurements slightly out of whack on this X-Large Craggy.  Will fit a door frame 880mm wide x up to 2410mm high.  Must have door jamb depth of 45cm.  Enquire regarding price.